Everyone has pictures on their desk of their family, but who has a desk size cardboard cutout of their hero? There are hundreds of legends to choose from religious figures, famous presidents, astronauts, movie stars, landmarks, and even custom desk cutouts made from your picture. Get inspired by having a cutout of your hero or a picture of your favorite place or landmark.

Lifesize Custom Cutouts / Lifesize Legends have been the leading historical based cutout supplier for nearly 10 years. We have worked with many schools, museums, and colleges across the country to provide stunning graphics from history. We started out making custom cutouts after several years of experience in making cutouts and many different upgrades in technology we've perfected the cutouts and wall graphics and we wanted to take it to the next level. Our newest product acrylic statuettes are masterfully printed contour cut and the perfect size for your desk, mantle, or display case.

Some of the more popular legend cutouts are masters with their work picture Vincent Van Gogh cutout with his famous painting “Starry Night ” attached, it could be yours.

Anyone can have a plain old picture but it takes an office legend to have a desktop legend.

Order your desktop legend today! 

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